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Leadership Acceleration Program (LAP)

Leadership Assessment for Development / Coaching / Team Building / Results Measurement

"If you leave your leaders to sink or swim, who will still be left in your company's talent pool?"

70% of all professional development occurs on the job. Most companies rely on transfers, special projects and promotions to “round out” their top talent. However, by combining a “wait and see” approach with a “sink or swim” development strategy, High Potentials’ development is often left to chance. Success in one’s current assignment does not guarantee future performance. In fact, what made a professional successful in a previous job can spell disaster in the new role. Relying on the same capabilities and leadership strategy can lead to professional derailment and the loss of a valued organizational resource.

Benefits of LAP

  • Accelerate Leader assimilation to the new work environment
  • Assist executive in developing a success strategy taking into account personal strengths, weaknesses and job requirements
  • Establish the mutual expectations with leader and subordinates to build a High Performing Work Team
  • Open feedback channels in all directions with subordinates, peers, and new boss
  • Reinforce new assignment as accomplishment focused rather than time in position until the next position opens up
  • Keep assignment developmentally focused and modulate risk associated with operating out of the leader's professional comfort level
  • Create early warning system to detect potential derailment in time to make necessary adjustments
  • Safeguard high potential talent especially in high risk assignments
  • Make the call when required to reposition high potential talent for greatest value to the company


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