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Leadership Development Roundtable

How to make Talent Development a valuable management tool, not another administrative obligation? How to ensure that Talent Development becomes a cultural value, not another document in the drawer? How to develop the Organization’s High Potential Talent without leaving behind the rest of the leadership team?

LDR: The Process

LDR creates mutual accountability between the Leader and his/her manager to make Development a Leadership Life Cycle Process and not merely a once-a-year event

  • The Leader “Learner” takes responsibility for completing the Development Plan
  • The Manager meets with the learner to provide initial feedback on the plan, offers additional suggestions, and agrees to champion the learner in a peer led Leadership Development Roundtable
  • The Manager presents all of his leadership team's Development Plans at the LDR
  • Peer leaders ask clarifying questions, offer additional suggestions, challenge perceptions when necessary, and agree on each Development Plan
  • Each Manager reviews the LDR results with the Learner and contracts for Development Next Steps to be reviewed at the next Leadership Development Roundtable
  • Benefits:
    • The responsibility for building the development plan is on the Learner, not the Manager
    • The Manager coaches and refines the development plan within the context of the Business requirements
    • The Leadership Development Roundtable ensures accountability, quality assurance, and sharing of detailed Talent Development information for future succession opportunities
    • Most importantly, this Plan --> Do --> Review cycle ensures that Leadership Development is a continual "top of mind" activity for the entire organization.



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